Our classic kitchen designs by our professional designers at Absolute Kitchen are inspired from an era where aesthetic  clean lines with trimmings are complimentary,  stylish and enduring. These are timeless and flexible features seen in crown molding, paneled walls and on the occasion legs on kitchen islands.

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Our quality joinery services at Absolute Kitchen, use the best quality components for your kitchen, which assures you that the final result is of the highest quality. When we design a classic kitchen, we use a combination of  whites and neutral colours which is a great match and yet not clinical.

Our designs include splashbacks which tend to be tiled, however they can also be glass backed.. Both options add warmth, charm and personality to your kitchen whilst retaining a timeless quality.The inclusion of a kitchen island is great with an open floor plan. Reconstituted benchtops such as Caesartone and Quantum Quartz blend in nicely because of their beautiful texture designs that really stand out in classic kitchens.